Cuckoo International Film Awards is a premiere international Festival competition for the content Creators who want to showcase a truly independent cinema / Short film and also aspire to connect with the Global Media industry fraternity to explore the Global recognition. Our aim is to celebrate the very best of today's content creators, media makers and media related documentary short films and writing talent spread across the Globe.

Cuckoo International Film Awards playing an epitome role in professionally showcasing filmmakers talent looking to get their work shown in front of a truly global audience. The Cuckoo International Film Awards is not just about getting your project seen or read; it's about you! We want to help you get noticed.

Cuckoo International Film Awards Comes with unique opportunities for Global filmmakers' skill sets to be showcased inside a Global film market that is ravenous for the new talent and fresh ideas. We are professionally dedicated to uplift the creativity and passionate about supporting up the talent of emerging short film & Independent filmmakers whether they are first-time filmmakers to or established filmmakers.

We are committed to bring the best of worldwide cinema and our aim is to build a better chance for all filmmakers to find global audiences and further their careers within the film industry.